About Us


Big Guys Tattoo Studio is one of the oldest Tattoo design studios in Mumbai. We are team of professionals with expertise in Tattoo Making, Body Piercing, Tattoo Removal as well as Tattoo making Institute. We take a pride in serving over 15 years in this industry with same passion, same creativity and quality. Big Guys Tattoo never compromise on hygiene and quality of material used in making permanent tattoos. Permanent Tattoo making, Body Piercing, Laser Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Supplies, Tattoo Learning Institute you name it and we are happy to serve you at the best.

Big Guys is a Professional Tattoo Studio with Safe and Sterile environment. Our Goal is to give u the best Quality & 100% Hygiene & safe tattoo/piercing .we are Highly professional n experienced in our field.

New disposable needle/stuff opened in front of our client, best inks all made up of natural ingredients. All material used for the client is disposed in front of them after the completion of the tattoo. We also customize designs according to our client imagination

Our brand Big Guys Tattoo comprises of Zaheer Batliwala and Nadeem Batliwala. We have been part of the tattoo industry in India for over a decade and have been one of the leading suppliers of tattoo art material all over the country.

Nadeem’s business acumen combined with Zaheer’s vast knowledge in the field of tattoos, gives Big Guys Tattoo an unprecedented advantage over all our competitors.

The Mumbai Tattoo e-commerce website was launched to create a common platform through which our diverse range of clients can view and purchase our products without any hassle

We are direct suppliers of all tattoo product manufacturing brands in the Indian market, which is why you will always get the best products at the most affordable prices amongst any other supplier in the Indian market.

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